Judge Brent Powell and Shachtman

2011 KCMBA Meet & Greet the Judges at the Cashew

This is an annual event sponsored by The Shachtman Law Firm. Hundreds of lawyers and Judges attended the event and enjoyed the beer, wine, food and company. The event was co-sponsored by: The Henning Law Firm, Bartimus Frickleton Robertson & Gorny, PC, Wagstaff & Cartmell, LLP, Goza & Honnold, LLC, Hunter & Nantz, LLC, and […]

Shachtman's Former Partner Sly James Elected Mayor of Kansas City, Missouri

Shachtman’s Former Partner Sly James Elected Mayor of Kansas City, Missouri

Shachtman’s former law partner, Sly James, has been elected Mayor of Kansas City, Missouri. Sly James is a wonderful person, who will do an excellent job leading our great City. In 2002, Shachtman joined the Sly James Firm. From 2002 up until June 2010, Sly James and Scott Shachtman worked together on a number of […]

Foreclosure Action Stopped by The Shachtman Law Firm

This month the Shachtman Law Firm helped a very nice man and his family stay in their home. They had fallen behind in their mortage, but had the ability to start making payments again. Although they were served with foreclosure papers, we were able to work out a deal with their lender. In the end, […]

The Shachtman Law Firm Settles Truck Wreck Case for $900,000.00

The Shachtman Law Firm recently settled a truck wreck case for $900,000.00. While driving home from work on 71 Highway our client was rear-ended by a large truck. She suffered a number of injuries and had several surgeries. The money helped pay for her medical bills, lost wages and her future medical care needs.

Useful Discovery for Trial

A. The Complaint A lawsuit begins when a Complaint or Petition for Damages is filed and served on the defendants.  The Complaint frames the issues in the case.  State law controls the specificity in which the claims must be stated.   For instance, Kansas is a notice pleadings state, which essentially means that you have to […]

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