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Medical Malpractice – Improperly Installed Hardware

On Christmas Eve, our client fell and broke both of her legs trying to dodge a grandchild who was on her kitchen floor. She was immediately taken to the hospital where an orthopedic surgeon installed internal fixation devices in both fractured legs. During the procedure the orthopedic surgeon negligently failed to lock the rod placed in our client’s right femur. Essentially, the surgeon didn’t get the screw into the hole. As a result of the surgeon’s failure to get the screw in the hole, our client’s right leg was one and a half inches shorter than her left leg after the procedure and she also had an outward rotational deformity in her right leg of at least 60 degrees. This made it very difficult for her to walk and perform her job reupholstering furniture. Ultimately, the device holding our client’s right leg together had to be taken out and the surgery had to be redone. It took our client nearly a year to get back to where she should have been when the first surgery was performed. She also incurred over $200,00.00 in medical expenses to fix the damage done by the defendant. In the end, we were able to reach a confidential settlement.