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Burn Injury

Kansas City Gas Explosion and Burn Injury Lawyers

When there is a propane or natural gas leak that results in an explosion, people are often killed or severely injured. The Shachtman Law Firm has experience dealing with cases involving both propane and natural gas. Although the National Fire Protection Association has issued standards to control the conduct of the gas industry, things are not always done correctly. It’s our job to discover them.

Scott Shachtman has worked with a number of exceptionally talented local and national cause and origin fire experts and knows what needs to be done. The first thing we do when a gas explosion case arises is get our fire experts out to the scene as soon as possible so that we have first-hand information about where the fire originated and what may have caused it.

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Burn Injuries

While many gas explosions result in death, sometimes there are survivors. More often than not, the survivors of a gas explosion have suffered tremendously painful burn injuries that require months of treatment.

Second- and third-degree burn injuries are extremely painful and serious. Burn victims often experience disfigurement, multiple surgeries, skin grafting, reconstructive surgery, depression, and post-traumatic stress. The Shachtman Law Firm will evaluate your medical records and speak with your medical care providers to determine your long-term medical care needs. We understand the difference between a first-degree burn and a third-degree burn, and we can explain those differences to an insurance company and to a jury.

  • First-degree burns: mild burn to the top layer of skin, redness, pain, and swelling

  • Second-degree burns: serious burn to the top layer and layer underneath, blisters, severe pain and redness

  • Third-degree burns: most serious kind of burn to all layers of skin and tissue underneath, waxy white, brown, charred, little to no pain because of numbness from nerve damage