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Product Liability

The Shachtman Law Firm handles product liability cases involving a number of consumer products, such as:

  • Automobile Defects

  • Crashworthiness - Roll-Over Accidents

  • Car Seat Defects

  • Seatbelt Defects - Unlatching/Spooling

  • Industrial Equipment Defects

  • Medical Product Defects

  • Inadequate Guarding for Punch Presses

  • Foreign Substances and Objects in Food

  • Food Poisoning

  • Ladder Defects

  • Baby Cribs, Bottles, and Other Products

  • Children’s Toy Defects and Hazards

  • Lawn Mower Defects

  • ATV Roll-Overs and Crashes

  • Boat Defects

  • Motorcycle Defects

  • Airplane Defects

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Drug Litigation

Scott Shachtman has also handled pharmaceutical negligence and strict liability cases. Several years ago, he and several other lawyers in the Kansas City area helped thousands of the victims of Robert Courtney obtain settlements. (Courtney was the local pharmacist who admitted to diluting life-saving cancer medications to thousands of people in the Kansas City area.) Shachtman met with hundreds of Courtney’s victims personally and helped them pursue their claims against Courtney and the drug manufacturers.

The Shachtman Law Firm is ready to talk with you about any potential pharmaceutical negligence or medical product defect matter. The following drugs are currently at issue in a number of lawsuits across the country:

  • DePuy DSR Hip Replacement Defect Recall

  • Zimmer Durom Hip Replacement Defect Recall

  • Kugel Mesh Hernia Patch

  • Avandia

  • Duragesic Pain Patch

  • Gadolinium

  • Reglan

  • Paxil

  • Crestor

  • Digitek

  • Ortho Evra

  • Nuvaring

  • Yaz-Yasmine

  • Dilantin